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Our Staff

Please feel free to contact any of our staff members, by either clicking on their name to email them or by calling 615.824.8725 & the extension listed.
 Don Hutchinson  Senior Pastor  x 1024
 Randy Goodman  Minister of Congregational Care & Connections  x 1033
 Ben C. Alexander  Senior Pastor Emeritus  x 1014
 Brad Holliman  Minister of Family Ministries
 x 1022
 Wynn Batson  Minister, Congregational Care and Hospitality
 x 1014
 Program Staff  
 Becki Manni  Director of Children's Ministries  x 1021
 Mona Walker   Associate Director of Children's Ministries  x 1030
 Joshua Strader  Youth Ministry Director  x 1029
 Rob Still  Music & Worship Ministries  x 1013
 Open  NWG Choir Director  
 Krista King  Youth Coordinator  
 Director of Fitness & Recreation  x 1019
 Office Staff  
 Ken Richardson  Business Manager  x 1027
 Michelle Seibert  Financial Secretary  x 1028
 Larry Nelson  Communications Coordinator  x 1010
 Judith Epley  Ministry Team Assistant  x 1023
 Children First Preschool Staff
 Jaime Grant  Children First Director  x 1016
 Diana Waller  Children First Business Administrator  x 1016
 Sandy Sumey  Children First Receptionist  x 1025
 Maintenance & Custodial Staff  
 Kelly Raglin  Facilities Manager  x 1019
 Terry Gill  Custodian  x 1500
 Gary Allen  Custodian  x 1500
 Auxiliary Staff  
 Tommy Lusk  Audio/Video  
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