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United Methodist Women

What Is UMW?
The United Methodist Women (UMW) is a community of women whose purpose is:
  • To know God
  • To experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ
  • To develop a creative, supportive fellowship
  • To expand local and global missions

Who Can Belong?
All women at HFUMC are United Methodist Women! Our membership is as diverse as the church itself and is made up of women of different backgrounds and stages of life. A member of United Methodist Women is anyone who chooses to belong.  We celebrate an inclusive membership and welcome all who want to join. 
Christmas Luncheon at Scarritt Bennett Center 
What Do We Do?
UMW is one of the largest woman’s organizations in the world, and it doesn’t take that responsibility lightly.  We truly believe that the world is our parish. We are a mission organization, giving of ourselves through prayer, action and financial gifts throughout the world in response to God’s call. 
Each year UMW:
  • Raises millions of dollars in financial and material resources for programs and institutions aiding and empowering women, children and youth in the United States and more than 100 countries around the world
  • Advocates for the needs of women, children and youth whose voices are often not heard in society
  • Promotes environmentally friendly personal lifestyles and public policies
  • Equips its membership for service and informed action through study of a public issue, a geographic area and a spiritual growth theme in Schools of Christian Mission offered around the country
  • Trains members for leadership and service in district, conference and national events and workshops.

HFUMC UMW - Platinum Award Winning Unit.

In recognition of our many efforts as “Women United in Mission to Others” our unit has continued to annually earn and receive the UMW Platinum Mission for the 21st Century Award. This special award, earned by only a few UMW units, affirms that we at HFUMC are truly serving as God’s hands and we invite any and all women to join us in this mission. 

General Meetings and Circles
GENERAL MEETINGS—UMW encourages friendship and fellowship, as well as study, outreach, and prayer, all with an eye to social justice.  On the first Tuesday of the month, there is a UMW General Meeting at 10 AM in the Genesis Room.  A social time from 10 to 10:30 AM is followed by our meeting and a program.  No meetings are held during the summer break in July and August.  UMW Co-Presidents are Linda Couler, phone number 824-6008, lindatcoulter@me.com  and Margaret Mullins, phone number 824-4878, mhmullins@aol.com. Child care is provided at the church for all meetings.  Call Mona Walker at 824-8725 ext. 1030 (Tues. through Fri.) at least four days before the meeting.  On any meeting day when Sumner County schools are closed due to snow or ice, and our local roads are bad, our meetings are automatically cancelled. 
CIRCLES—Do you long for a small group connection?  UMW Circles are your answer.  Everyone is welcome to attend any circle’s meetings, which are usually held in the homes of members.  Contact a circle leader if you have a question or need a ride to the meeting.
  • Hannah Circle:  Alternates daytime and evening meetings on the second Thursday of the month. Leader is Judith Epley, phone 431-0252, judith.epley@hfumc.org.
  • Lydia Circle:  Meets at 7 PM on the third Tuesday evening of the month.  Leaders are Gay Parks, phone 264-1323,gayparks@att.net, and Dollena McHenry, phone 337-4800, phdhawkins@yahoo.com
  • Rebekah Circle:  Meets at 10 AM on the third Tuesday morning of the month.  Leaders are Ruth Hughes, phone 824-9381, ruehughes@comcast.net, and Sidney McKinnis, phone 230-6424, sidneymckinnis@comcast.net
  • Esther Circle: Meets at 1 PM on the third Tuesday afternoon of the month.  Leader is Sue Groves,phone 826-7338, smgroves@bellsouth.net
Saturday, October 24th, 2015
9:00 AM till 3:00 PM
Our major budget and missions fund-raiser each year is the FALL EXTRAVAGANZA, a huge craft sale and luncheon at the church.  Church members and people from all around the Nashville area eagerly await this popular event. Please contact Melody Waltz at phone number (615) 822-7116 or 65mewaltz@gmail.com for information.
Our many recent UMW Mission Projects have included packing 325 weekend food backpacks each quarter for the Sumner County school program, providing over 60 pairs of new leather tennis shoes and socks to Whitten School students, providing 150 UMCOR Emergency Health Kits, Rebekah Circle making over 100 infant layette kits for Fort Campbell mothers, providing school supplies and other needs to the Community Child Care Center, Gene Brown and Whitten schools and school supplies and lunches to Shalom Zone, plus financial donations to 20 other local and national groups that offer assistance to women and children in need.
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