Sunday School

Babies & Toddlers

Our youngest members discover three biblical truths that will help them build a foundation for their faith.

  • God made me
  • God loves me
  • Jesus wants to be my forever friend.

Infants meet in room M-103 (Main Building)
Toddlers meet in room M-110 (Main Building)


Preschool children will discover 

  • God made me.
  • God loves me.
  • Jesus wants to be my forever friend. 

Preschool Sunday school meets at 9:30 AM on Sunday morning. Each Sunday children begin in small group then move to large group. During small group they participate in age appropriate activities that allow them to actively engage in the Bible lesson. Large group provides them with the opportunity to sign songs of praise to God and review the week's Bible lesson. 

Preschool Sunday School Rooms are located in the Children's Wing.

  • Age 3 meet in room CW-163
  • Age 4 meet in room CW-166
  • Large Group takes place in CW-160 (Preschool Playroom)

Elementary School

Living Inside Out – Where kids live out their faith 24/7

Sunday School begins at 9:30 each Sunday Morning

Every Sunday your elementary school aged child will participate in interactive worship, memorable games, innovative experiments, exciting skits, and much more! 

Our elementary age children begin their Sunday school experience at 9:30 AM in large group and then move to small group.(Sunday School School Classes for Elementary School Age Students meet in the Children's Wing)

  • Large Group - CW-224 
  • Kindergarten - CW-182
  • First Grade - CW-186
  • Second Grade - CW-164
  • Third Grade - CW-224
  • Fourth Grade - CW-226

5 & 6 Grade


Preteens will learn how to search the Bible for answers and build a faith foundation that guides wise choices. Our 5th & 6th grade students begin their Sunday school in Large group and end in small group. 

  • Large Group - CW-224  
  • Fifth & Sixth Grade - CW-228