Your Talents are Needed 

Jesus says the people of the church are his "hands and feet'. You are invited to explore the opportunities for service as part of the body of Christ.   

Hendersonville First United Methodist Church encourages members and regular attenders to become involved with ministry through a number of opportunities.  We firmly believe that God calls each of us to "add salt to the earth" by offering our time and talent. You can add to the work by giving of your yourself in whatever way God has gifted you. Opportunities to serve are endless and range from providing Christian Education to serving soup; from singing in a choir to fixing a meal for someone who just experienced a death, there are many ways to make your church life rich.  Take a moment to determine which ministries align with your talents and interests. 

Sunday School / Christian Education

Hendersonville FUMC offers Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 am. There are a number of other ongoing classes for adults as well as various one-time classes. Children and youth enjoy Christian Education programs as well.